Virgos Lounge Spring/Summer 2014

Hey guys. Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday. I really appreciate it. Well, the new Virgos Lounge collection is out and I'm pretty impressed. Their clothes are really beautiful and the colors are bright. The brand is definitely here to stay. It is owned by Oyeyemi Akinsola and she must feel very proud of herself. This newest collection like previous ones, is nothing but fantastic in my opinion.xx

Birthday Girl: Selfies,Good Food and What Not.

Hey guyss. How are you all? I'm very good, in fact I'm amazing today. Today , 23rd of March to be precise, is my fifteenth birthday actually and obviously I'm very happy about it. I'm very grateful to God for adding another year to me. I'm so excited to be 15 , I don't know why though. Well, I went to church today and after that we went to Chinatown Restaurant which is a Chinese restaurant in the food court at Mega Plaza in Ikoyi. I picked the restaurant myself, I was asked to choose and it's my favorite place for Chinese. It's quite small but the service is good and the food is AMAZING, if you live in Lagos you should actually check it out sometime. Plus it's super affordable and no they're not paying me to write about their restaurant, it's just that good. Well, after eating we came back home obviously, I start my exams tomorrow and Year 11 exams are not beans so I couldn't celebrate or anything. Besides, most of my friends are in boarding house so there'll be no one to come even if I wanted to do something. My birthday ALWAYS falls within the exam period which is very disappointing. Next year when I turn 16, my birthday will be during my mock exams for WAEC, so no party. I honestly can't wait till I leave high school so I can at least celebrate my birthday. Oh well, back to studying now. xx

I wasn't really able to take a lot of pictures of the food but this is what I have I guess. Sorry if the pictures are blurry, they were taken with phones and not my camera haha. 

Shredded Chicken with Vegetables, Shrimp Fried Rice
and Beef in Chilli Sauce. 
Finally, my sister and I plus her friend  made donuts yesterday night. We made two kinds. Just a plain ring one and a jam one. It was soo much fun. This week I'm obsessed with this song by Wizkid called 'On Top Your Matter' , it's kind of a wedding/love song and it's already on my wedding playlist. Lol yes, I have a wedding playlist. So far the songs on it include Hold On We're Going Home by Drake,On Top Your Matter,Aye by Davido, Ife Wa Gbono by Tiwa Savage and Leo Wonder, Ada Ada byFlavour, Dance For You by Beyonce and Mirror by Justin Timberlake haha. I have it all planned out to be honest. I also love the video for Dark Horse by Katy Perry.The costumes and the makeup are so on point. You should watch it. xx

What I Did: The Oscars,School and Cooking (Weekly Recap)

Hey guys. How was your week? Mine was pretty rad and quite interesting. I hope this week has been productive for everyone. The Academy Awards 2014 took place on Sunday and I love the fact that Lupita won an Oscar, I'm so happy for her. It goes to show that hard work really pays off. Now she's having lunch with Oprah and sitting front row at fashion shows with Anna Wintour. I'll post my favorite  dresses in a bit. I went to school through out the week as usual and I'm so happy today is Saturday although I went to school today also. We're doing this Technovation App Challenge where girls are meant to create an app that helps to solve problems in their community and it's interesting I guess. On Wednesday we had Food and Nutrition Exam Practical and yours truly made Pounded Yam and Efo Riro (Spinach Soup). Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures because I left my phone at home. I was quite thrilled with the result, the food was edible and everyone told me it was nice. Thank God, I can cook now. Well, that was the highlight of my week I guess. How was yours? Feel free to tell me in the comments section.xx

Jennifer Lawrence looks elegant and mature in this. Love the
simplicity of the outfit and the necklace gives it an extra
Cate Blanchett looks stunning in this dress. I fell in
love with it instantly.
Love this on Charlize Theron. She looks so pretty. The cut is
flattering to her figure and her hair looks good.
Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses and in my opinion
her dress is stunning. The paneling detail thing makes an otherwise boring dress to stand out.
I haven't really heard anything about Penelope Cruz in a while but I must
admit she looks good in this baby pink dress. She looks delightful.
Don't you just love this woman? Her accent is just... wow.
I'm currently in love with this Aye song by Davido. It's my favorite Davido song next to Ekuro. If you don't listen to Davido, you should start now. Plus, I'm kinda related to him but he doesn't know me lol. My aunt's niece is married to his cousin so yeah we are related in a way haha.

OOTD: Girl With An Edge

Hello guys. How has your week been so far? Mine has been quite peaceful, I'm on midterm presently. I was supposed to go for lunch today with my friends at Protea Hotel, the one in Ikeja but for some reason my parents changed their mind so I'm at home instead. That makes me sad because all my friends will be having a fabulous time eating hotel food while I'm at home eating bread and egg. Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it. 
                   I wore this outfit on Monday when I went to the Bella Naija office to pick up a gift I won in December. They hosted a 14 day giveaway and luckily, I won day 5 which was a pair of Nike shoes. I'm in love with the shoes to be very honest. I paired the polka dot top with the leather skater skirt because it had a visible contrast. Polka dots are very feminine while leather most of the time appears edgy so I guess that was the look I was going for.I honestly didn't know what to do to my hair so I just left it so excuse me if it looks quite unkempt in the pictures. Oh I just want to tell you guys that I've decided to go back to my natural hair. If you recall, I quit my natural hair journey last April but I've decided to start all over again and I'm so excited. I'm still new to the whole process but when I've found myself, I'll definitely be posting somethings on here. Hoping you continue to have a great week. xx

PS: Excuse the fact that I look orange in the pictures. Lol. All pictures taken by my brother.

Ha, I look so mean here.
My brother wasn't supposed to take this actually but oh well.

Top: Primark/Skirt: Mr Price/ Shoes: American Eagle/Bag: Georgetown Leather Collection

These are the shoes that I won.

Click HERE to register on Moon Fruit and stand the chance of winning a bespoke website design by them. 

Little Mistress Wishlist

Hey guys. Recently, I came across this competition that is hosted by the UK brand, Little Mistress. In this comp, bloggers are allowed to creaet a wishlist post with clothes from Little Mistress and they stand the chance of winning a 500 pound voucher to buy whatever it is they want from the store. I was very excited when I came across this and decided to give it a go. The Little Mistress site has mostly dresses and trust me they are gorgeous. In my opinion , they're very suitable for weddings. They have the perfect wedding guest and party dresses. The clothes are very feminine and I really enjoyed going through the site. Their clothes are not cheap but they are not too pricey. In my opinion, the clothes are worth the prices because they are of very good quality.So here is my Little Mistress Wishlist. I have three dresses I'm interested in really.

This dress is amazing too. I love the color, Oxblood is very in right now.
The embellishments on the shoulders makes it very fun ad perfect for a night
out with friends. You can get this HERE

I chose this one again because of the lace and the mesh detail on the left hand side.
This dress is perfect for a wedding when you don't want to wear the typical
Nigerian Iro(Wrapper) and Buba  (Shirt) outfit. You can get this HERE

You can get this dress HERE. This is my favorite in all the dresses.
I love the lace and the color of the lace. I also love the fact,that
it has a high collar. Very feminine. This is perfect for a dinner party when paired
with high heels or you could wear it with flats or wedges to go for brunch. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

For more amazing dresses check out Little Mistress HERE

How To Guide: Casual

Hey everyone. How have you all been? I've been good, really good actually. School has started and it's already hectic. I've decided that this year I'm going to always say how I feel rather than keep quiet when I feel wronged and so far it has not been to bad. Also, this November I'm writing the Cambridge O Level examinations so I've started lessons. The lessons take place after school each day and I'm going to write six subjects in the exam. After my mid term break next month, I don't have any holiday till December. That's right, I'll be going to school every single day including summer *sigh *I'm so scared, it's kind of hard but God is in control. So with normal school work plus Cambridge lessons, you can say I'm pretty busy.

                  I promised myself that I'll start taking the blog more seriously this year but that was before I discovered I'm doing the exam. I promise to try to blog when I can though. Last time I did a How To Guide, it was on weddings and it was pretty successful so I've decided to give it another go. This time it's on leisure dressing though. Enjoy my efforts xx.

I've noticed that in Nigeria people tend to overdress so I've decided to do a How To Guide for leisure. When I say leisure I mean going to the cinema or shopping with a friend. You know, when you're supposed to look good but still casual? Go to any of the Nigerian malls and you'll see different types of styles. Makes me laugh sometimes to be honest. Now I'm not trying to be judgmental or anything but we all know that Nigerians in general overdo EVERYTHING including me hehe. They overdress ALL the time especially when going to the mall which is very weird. I've seen a woman wearing a neckline plunging draped jumpsuit with 6 inch heels to the mall in the afternoon to buy frozen chicken. She looked so good but was it necessary to overdress so much? NO. Please enjoy my guide to casual dressing in a stylish form.

How To Guide: Casual

Tops: I don't see the need to wear something to fussy. You're trying to relax and just have a good time so a cute little sweatshirt like the GEEK one above or a chiffon blouse in a basic color will work.

Bottoms: In my opinion, the best bottoms to wear when trying to dress casual are jeans. They're simple and always look great. But for the not-really-the-jeans-wearing-type like me, a skater skirt or any other skirt I guess would do.

Dresses: Again, nothing too fussy. I love the dresses I chose because they're very pretty and not over the top. I always wear dresses whenever I go to the cinema haha. 

Shoes: Flats are the best options because you won't have to worry about your feet aching or tripping over but I have tripped while wearing flats before lol. When you're going shopping or something, you're supposed to have a good time and not worry about your falling down or standing for too long. You can choose from ballet flats to sneakers, sandals, the list is quite endless. Also, wedges that are not too high can also work.

Bag: A bag that carries the stuff you need like phone, lip balm, mascara,money, camera,etc will be quite nice. I'm in love with the cream one in the set.

Jewelry: I love chains that have tiny pendants, they're so pretty. Colorful earrings and bracelets catch attention but not in an overbearing way. At ICM I once saw a woman wearing earrings so long they got stuck to her lace shirt. Why put yourself through all that huh?

PS: This is my own opinion of casual dressing. I'm not trying to put down how anyone dresses, I'm just giving my own view. Hope you liked it. Don't forget to follow on Insta @Demmiie

People's Choice Awards 2014: My Favorite Looks

Hello guys. How are you all? I hope your week was beautiful. Mine was quite dull. I've been home all week and since school is starting next week I'm supposed to be taking out my yarn braids but the braids are just tooo much and I've been loosing it for three days now. So stressful, I'm never doing this hairstyle again. Lol jokes I really like it but next time I'll make sure I don't do it so tiny. Excuse my melancholy behavior, I'm all cranky because I don't have a book to read. I'm quite a nerd and I love reading novels. Unfortunately I didn't buy any new ones this holiday and I've read all the ones I have so many times. My mom needs to take me book shopping to be honest. I really want to get Ghana Must Go by Seyi Kelani , The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives and Tiny Sunbirds Far Away. Can any of you gift them to me please? I would love you forever lol. 
               When I browsed through the pictures from the People's Choice Awards for this year I was kind of disappointed. I expected more dazzling looks but I'm pretty sure the celebs are gearing up for the other bigger award carpets. I'm not here to do worst dressed or anything as I am not a fashion police and people have the right to wear what they want so I'm simply sharing my favorites from the night. What were your favorites?
Jennifer Hudson looks so fabulous. I love the
simplicity of the dress and the shoes are just gorgeous.Her hair suits her a lot and the lipstick shade
is very pretty.
This just looks effortless.
Another simple but eye catching look.
Queen Latifah looks beautiful, I love the hair.
I've always liked Jessica Alba, she's so pretty
and has the most adorable daughters. Love her midi dress, it accentuates
her figure.
These two were my best dressed for the night. Not only are they the
two main characters of my favorite show 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs
look beautiful. I love the rose pattern on Kat's dress and the simple black and white combo
of Beth's.
I don't watch Glee so I didn't know anything about Naya Rivera before. But after
she got engaged to Big Sean, I've started keeping track of her because I'm in love
with Big Sean. In my opinion she never disappoints on the red carpet. I love the dress, so beautiful and
simple. Also love the fact that she went blonde, it suits her.
Sarah Bareilles is a very talented singer and you should check out her newest single
Brave. I love how this black peter pan collar dress has the peek-a-boo holes,
it makes the dress look sexy and not boring as it would have been if it was plain black.
I was surprised when I found this picture of Rocsi Diaz to be honest. When she was
on 106 & Park, I used to admire how pretty she was but I never really admired her style
because she used to dress all urbane and hip hop . But seeing her
in this dress is just jaw dropping. The cut of the dress suits her figure and the pattern and the colors are
soo pretty. I'm in love with the dress. It's a Nicole Miller dress.I just had to find out.

What I Did: The Holiday Edition

Hey everyone, Happy New Year. I'm 5 days late but oh well. Today is my mom's birthday by the way. I didn't post anything through out the holidays because I was busy having fun. December was very interesting for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly. So since I didn't post anything through out, here is a breakdown of the holiday season for all my lovely lovely followers. 

Christmas was very chilled. In the morning,  we went to Ikorodu to see family and just eat food. It was a little awkward because I hadn't seen my cousins in years but it wasn't all that bad. The food was pretty good and I had a really swell time (who still says swell by the way?) . After that we went back home and just relaxed till evening when we went to Domino's to get some pizza. The place was packed which was really unpleasant because I don't like packed places. The pizza was good though. We had two types; Margarita and Pepperoni. If you live in Lagos you know that the Domino's Pizza place in Lekki has a Coldstone Outlet on top. I wanted to get some ice cream but the place was way too fulll. I was very irritated because some people didn't want to buy anything, they were just taking up space and taking pictures up and down,smh. After that, we went to Mega Plaza and there was a sort of Art Exhibition going on, it was really cool. There were lots of really nice paintings and I enjoyed it. We were not supposed to take pictures but as the badass I am, I took them anyway. Haha jokes, I'm too much of a goody goody. There was no rule saying that pictures were not allowed. So that's how I spent my Christmas day. How did you spend yours?

This advertisement box thing is at the Lekki Roundabout. 

Took this from the car park. This is Mega Plaza.
They sell lots of stuff from laptops to food and what not.

This is one of the artworks I really liked. It is just so African and moving. 

Lool I made my sister take my picture in the bathroom.
The hairstyle is yarn braids by the way.

Another really cool art piece.

  • New Year's Day
This was pretty boring for me. I went to see a movie called Ender's Game with my friend Itunu on New Year's Eve and it was sick but unfortunately I have no pictures from that day. We went to church on New Year's Eve and came back home around 2 AM so I slept till like 11 AM. When I woke up my dad told us we were going to the beach so I put on a sundress and wore simple flip flops jejely (African term for calmly) . We went to see my grandmother, she lives in Ogun state. After that, we went to visit a friend of my dad's. When we got to the island, my dad changed his mind and refused to go to the beach. He decided to go to The Palms Mall instead much to my dismay. If you've been there before you know you don't dress anyhow to that place or else you'll feel bad, you have to dress very tastefully or you'll hate the looks you get. Really pathetic but that's just how it is I guess. I was so mad because I was wearing flip flops and I looked to simple and messy to be going to Palms like that. Thankfully we didn't stay long. After that we went home and just chilled. That is all. Very boring day.

So that is pretty much how the holiday went for me. I went out on other days but I don't have pictures and I don't want to overtype and make all of you bored. So that's about it. Have a lovely week. I have bonus pictures for you though. Enjoy. xx

This post was supposed to be an outfit post but my brother was messing up and
not taking it seriously so  we could only take two pictures. 

Dress: Forever 21/ Shoes: Primark

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